Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Layout

Hey Readers,
As you can see I kind of changed things up a bit. I think this makes it a lot easier to read the chapters in order and it gives me the ability to update you guys on how things are coming along. I might even post drawings of the  characters in The Cold Killer, maybe even some fun facts about Star War creatures that I use in my book. Also this makes it easier for me to answer any of your questions about the species or you might even have some suggestions for making the book even better.

Here are a couple of things that you can look forward to from this new layout:
~The Cold Killer Artwork
This will have my artwork: Different characters in the TCK (The Cold Killer). Drawings of scenes from TCK. Weapons used in TCK. And Droids in TCK.
On how the Sections are coming along and some sneak peeks into the Sections yet to come.
~Fun Facts About the Author
On how I came up with the idea for TCK. How I write the way I do. What I think about each character and why I made them the way they are.
~Fun and Interactive Polls
Where you will be able to vote on: Your favorite characters. Sections of my book. Updates on the Book. Drawings. What you think about the Characters. And More...

There will probably be more as I get back to writing and posting. So stay toned.

Tell me what you of the new layout in my new poll by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and picking your answer in the poll "What do you think of the new layout?". :-)

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